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Molecular Sieves
The provided Molecular Sieves are basically metal aluminosilicates that have 3D structure of silica and alumina tetrahedra. These are created by expelling the moisture from the material.
Industrial Silica Gel
Our Industrial Silica Gel range is strong and organic blending materials, which are superficially composed by utilizing sodium silicate. This range is used for numerous industrial purposes.
Orange Silica Gel
The offered Orange Silica Gel is generally used for industrial filtration application. It is produced in a solid form and in orange shade. This gel is delivered to the customers in cotton and non-woven cloth.
Ceramic Balls
The provided Ceramic Balls are generally produced for bearings. These have highly reliable and controlled geometry. They have light-weight, firmness, and inertness silicon nitride properties.
Ceramic Fiber Bulk
The provided Ceramic Fiber Bulk is available to the customers in solid physical form. It should be kept at room temperature to retain its expected longevity. Besides, it comes with 100% purity that is a major upside.
Ceramic Fiber Board
The provided Ceramic Fiber Board is typically inactive and quality spun filaments. It is composed at an elevated temperature to perfection. This board is generally used to protect materials from heat and fire.
Ceramic Fiber Rope
The offered Ceramic Fiber Rope is generally used for both commercial and industrial applications. It can be utilized to secure materials at elevated temperatures. Besides, it comes in varied lengths and diameters.
Ceramic Fiber Module
The offered Ceramic Fiber Module range is designed by using ceramic blankets. It has accordion-stacking or folding with pre-compacted rectangular structure. This range is perfect for practical installation and mechanical attachment.
Colloidal Silica
The provided Colloidal Silica is additionally known as silica solution that finds application in both commercial and industrial areas. This product comes in liquid form that makes the blending or integration super easy.

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